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Britney Spears responds to Perry's Comment at the Grammys 2017

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Britney Spears has seemingly taken care of immediately a joke Katy Perry created about her mental wellness at the Grammys.

The ‘California Gurls’ singer answered something about taking a break among albums on the red carpeting by saying: “That’s known as taking care of your mental wellness. ” Check Katy Perry Chained to the Rhythm sheet music page.

Katy Perry

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When presenter Jones Seacrest asked her exactly how her time off had gone, the girl replied: “Fantastic. And I have not shaved my head however. ”

Spears was imagined shaving her head right after reportedly leaving rehab nearly exactly a decade ago in Feb 2007.

Perry also seemed to reference Spears’ public break down in another interview.

“It’s such as the last colour in the range that I can do, ” the girl said, talking about her tresses. “I’ve done all of them and also the only thing left to perform is shave my mind, which I’m really investing in a public breakdown. I am down for that. I’m nearly moments away from that, certainly. ”

In an apparent reaction to Perry’s comments, Spears discussed a telling quotation through the Bible on Twitter the other day (February 13). More about Katy Perry Chained to the Rhythm sheet music page.

Many followers took to Twitter in order to lambast Perry after the girl made the comments at the Grammys on Saturday night. One published: “Have always liked Katy Perry very much, have actually met her. But right after what she said yesterday evening, I’ve lost a lot of regard for her… Making a laugh about mental health issues might not be OK. ”

Another stated: “We’re demanding you problem an apology to Britney Spears. 1500 words minimal. MLA Format. Submitted through instagram. Due by night time. ”

“@katyperry U ought to apologize to @britneyspears. Pity on u Katy. The girl never shades anyone, ” wrote another.


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