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Love-Hate In 'Rise' Video

Katy Perry's "Rise" music video can be used.

Fans got an idea of the singer's latest project once the teaser on her behalf video hit the Internet, and even though it initially gave us flashbacks with a other famous scenes, that which you learned when watching it in its entirety is Katy is definitely illustrating a love-hate relationship having a pink parachute.

(OK, that's most likely not really the case, but we're sticking with it.)

The video for "Rise," the song NBC chose since the official anthem for that upcoming Rio Olympics coverage, was directed by Paul Gore, and shows the star struggling to get out in the desert while still linked with this parachute, making their partnership slightly harking back to Tom Hanks with his fantastic volleyball Wilson in Castaway.

And despite some good and the bad (no pun intended), this pair finally worked against eachother and rose together.

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